Joshua's first birthday!!!!! Compassion Australia
Joshua's first birthday!!!!!
Compassion Australia
Joshua's first birthday!!!!!
Joshua's first birthday!!!!!

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Dear friends and family,

Guess what? Our little Joshua has grown and he is now almost 1 year old. We feel very grateful for his life, and for the opportunity to be his parents. Seeing his growth and development gives joy in our lives.

At the same time, we remember all the other kids and parents, that due to life circumstances, are not able to live life in abundance. This motivated us to look for a different and meaningful way to celebrate our big blessing by blessing other kids.

Since the majority of our friends and families do not live in Australia, we decided to create this special campaign so they could also participate in our celebration. This means that we’d like to ask you not to give normal birthday gifts to Joshua (i.e., toys, clothes, etc) but instead through a gesture of generosity, share the gifts to the kids whose needs could be as simple as having food to eat or shoes to go to school.

We are inspired by the work of Compassion Australia so we chose this organisation as our channel to help the disadvantaged and under privileged kids around the world. Later when Joshua grows up, he will surely be proud knowing that his birthday could bring blessings to other kids. Joshua will also love to know those who participated in his first birthday celebration, so please send him a birthday message to his email and we will make sure that he will read it as soon as he is able :)

Thank you for being a part of this celebration with us. And we just want to emphasise that any value donated is extremely welcome (ie. $5,$10,$20) :)

Hugs, loves, and blessings,

Bob, Anne, & Joshua.

Thank You

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